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Barsy’s Almonds is the delicious brainchild of Jason and Barbara, a couple of Minneapolis residents and friends. Tired of working in an office for someone else, they were determined to start a business of their own. But what kind of business? 

They had been making their special, hickory seasoned almonds for years as gifts for friends and relatives. Again and again they were told, “These are the best almonds I’ve ever had! You should sell these!”  So, on May 3rd, 2008, they started doing just that, every Saturday and Tuesday, at the Midtown Farmer’s Market in South Minneapolis. 

The Midtown Market in the Corcoran Neighborhood was (and is) a wonderfully supportive and helpful place for a fledgling company to land. Customer reaction was enthusiastic and sales blossomed.  Jason and Barbara named the hickory seasoned almonds “Smokies” and added four more kinds of seasoned almonds. Word of mouth spread and soon they were selling Barsy’s Almonds at more markets to more happy customers.

Encouraged by their success at the markets, Jason and Barbara began approaching stores and co-ops, so customers could still get their Barsy’s Almonds fix when the market season ended. Before long, they were carried all over the Midwest.

Jason and Barbara still bake and season the almonds themselves in small batches. Their unique process is slow and labor-intensive, but they think the results are worth it!

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